Hearthstone confirms April Journey to Un’Goro expansion

Blizzard confirmed this afternoon that Hearthstone’s next expansion is indeed Journey to Un’Goro as rumored. Everyone’s favorite zone to get knocked off your mount in!

“Journey to Un’Goro will take adventurers to the heart of the Un’Goro crater, a prehistoric region of Azeroth preserved in time. Rumor has it that previous explorers left some unfinished business in Un’Goro—daunting quest cards that, should you complete their requirements, grant rewards of monstrous power. It’s also said that the crater’s dinosaurs can adapt to any threat through a newly discovered form of evolution, and can be quite territorial. Though you’ll be tested at every turn, worry not! Your safety is virtually guaranteed … just make sure not to touch anything!”

Safety guaranteed! It has only done this once before.

Expect the expansion in April, though $50 pre-order bundles kick off tomorrowday.


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