RIFT delays Patch 4.1 until the end of March

Maybe I can hammer it into working well?
Bad news for RIFT players looking forward to the release of Patch 4.1: Forged in Flames this week, as Trion Worlds announced that it will be delaying the update for further testing. The new release window? The end of March.

“With two options available: launch as is and just deal with it in ‘post,’ or delay a few weeks to avoid some of the issues we’ve run into in the past, we’ve chosen the option that will result in what we hope is much more polished update,” Trion posted. “We get the question all the time: ‘Why can’t you just hold it until it’s ready?’ Whelp, we are!”

This decision may be reflective of Trion’s goal to “bring back the quality” to the game in 2017. RIFT’s Patch 4.1 will contain a new raid, eternal weapons (and associated quest line), the looking for raid tool, an intrepid challenge, and hundreds of additional housing options.

Source: Official forums. Thanks GreaterDivinity!

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Dam! So much currency still sitting in my wallet in this game, even the thought of spending it with abandon won’t entice me back to this game.

Danny Smith

I’d love to say I hope they are learning but the Rift teams growing pretty infamous for a ‘when good games go bad’ content producer nowadays.


There are no signs that they have learned anything. During the livestream when they announced this, several of their on-screen reps were itching to go drink beer. That’s just what we want to see in a game that launched such a content-free expansion and then has repeatedly delayed what should have been released in November. More excuses of PTO, PAX presence, and an office move have cemented the fact that Trion doesn’t have an adequate number of staff to develop Rift. This patch needed to launch (and flawlessly) on 3/1. I’ve pretty much given up on them and only log in a couple of times a week to socialize with my guild.

Shiro Madoushi

Knowing Trion, they are probably just tuning the cash shop to extract more money. They love their tricks and traps.

Bryan Turner

Damned if you damned if you don’t. I hope this game turned it’s self around after the disaster from the expansion release. I wouldn’t know I wound up getting blocked from logging in because Trion doesn’t like my ISP.

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A wise choice imo they could really do with a win or two at the moment and a good bit of buzz around a well received patch could be a good start.

That said Trion are going get flak no matter what they do because Trion