EVE Online saw big bump in players and profits in 2016

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Don’t count EVE Online as over and out just yet. The long-running space sandbox reported a remarkably good year for 2016, posting an increase in players and profits from the year previous.

CCP announced this week that its revenues rose from $65.7M in 2015 to $86.1M in 2016, representing a healthy 30% increase. Even better, the game’s daily active user count doubled over the year. These could well be thanks to EVE’s shift to a free-to-play model, which propelled the game up to over 50,000 concurrent users by last November. The company also reported that its VR titles broke even in 2016.

Over on the player side of things, a massive swarm of organized gankers held its annual “Burn Jita” event over the past weekend. Over $13,000 of victim ships were torched when hundreds of suicide pilots flocked to a trade hub in cheaply outfitted ships to take down freighters and other defenseless ships.

“It’s a logistical nightmare that requires a team of people to sort out and get their ducks in a row,” one organizer said in an interview. “Literally every weeknight and some weekend nights for the last two weeks have been spent preparing for Burn Jita in one way or another.”


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Melissa McDonald

“A massive swarm of organized gankers”. I find this fascinating in a Heisenberg sorta way but I can’t imagine the number of holes I would have shot in my monitor with my Glock after enduring this kind of locust-like mob all hell-bent on kicking over my sandcastle I’d lovingly made.
PvP remains so mysterious to me in an MMO. I enjoy it in ‘war’ games like World of Tanks/Warships, sure, that’s kind of the whole entire point of a war game. But the minute anything like cosmetics, crafting, emotes, anything at all that binds me to my avatar is there, suddenly, it’s murder. I suppose I can speak to my TheRapIst about it…

Robert Mann

… and THIS is why so many people don’t want to play games where there is any chance of PvP happening outside specific set areas. There are jerks in every segment of gaming (much like real life) but those on the PvP side get a bad name because it impacts playtime a little (to a lot, depending on the game systems) more.

To be blunt, when people enjoy causing misery to others who are not interested in fighting, rather than taking on those interested in fighting back, I want to refer them to their doctor. Because there is medication for that.


Yeah that publicly known annual community event is all about spreading misery. /s. Anyone who plays EvE should know that high sec does not make you immune to PVP and never has. Death on occasion is par for the course, and that persistent low level threat is one of the elements which make the game interesting.

There is a PVP game out there which creates a brutal environment of harassment to such an extent it literally causes thousands people to pay hundreds of dollars to transfer servers or abandon their chars. World of Warcraft. Yes that is right. If you were to play 1000 hours of EvE and 1000 hours of a game like WoW you would probably receive a maybe 1% of the grief that you would get in WoW. Mind you at this point there is only a very small number of people left on losing end of WoW’s PVP servers, so what do they really matter?

PVP and losing assets is a core feature of EvE, but from my experience you very rarely lose ships even in low sec unless you go out of your way to get killed. It does happen, but not nearly so much as people make it out to be. Corporate wars is something else entirely but for your average player not engaged in PVP you are not going to see that much action unless you go looking for it.


I can confirm that PVP players are terrible people. They regularly kick kittens in real life because that’s how bad those people who do PVP in a PVP game are. I mean seriously, who woud’ve thought that in a game where PVP starts by clicking on “undock” someone would do something as disgusting as shooting on another ship?

I’m also going to inform folks in CounterStrike that they need a medication because they shoot at each other. Thanks for this eye opening message, my friend!

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heh I knew there was a reason I wasn’t playing Eve this past weekend well done my instincts :-)

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Things like the “Burn Jita” event are what make EVE so great. I hadn’t played in 5 years or more but I gave it another go when f2p hit. I’m back subbing now and having a blast reintegrating myself into the mix.