Marvel Heroes changes infinity system to be more flexible


Round robin dispersal is out — and gem mastery is in.

Thus sayeth Gazillion in response to player feedback over Marvel Heroes’ revised infinity system. Players apparently were not too pleased over the “enforced” diversity of the character growth feature, and so the devs have removed the round robin method in favor of a gem mastery system. With this, players can spend their points however they wish, but as there are additional bonuses if you invest heavily in a category, there is some incentive to pool points rather than spread them too thin.

“Gem mastery is a system which provides your hero additional benefits in exchange for spending a certain amount of points in a specific gem page,” Gazillion explained. “These bonuses occur at 50 points spent, at 100 points spent, and at 150 points spent — meaning players with 900 or more points can achieve all three tiers of mastery for all six gem pages should they choose to.”

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drop rates are still crap. put in 30 hours over the weekend of actual play. earned over 400 protector comms from all of the shield supply boxes i made on accident as i farmed terminal and patrol bosses and not a single damned cosmic artifact dropped.

not one.

that is obscene. hell even a trash korean grinder would have thrown me a bone by now.


On the surface this seems like a good call to me personally.

Bryan H

Well the ‘spirit cost reduction’ took a nerf. Currently live it’s maxed at 18.8% cost reduction for 75 points in mind gem and this change will lower it to 10% for 100 points in mind gem. I have heroes that struggle with spirit management, so that’ll be fun…

Kurt Shadle

Giving us more freedom in our very limited choices still leaves the system rather dull


My issue with the system has nothing to do with this. The Omega system was rad because it offered so many options as to how to spec as a long term progression system. This system offers no interesting long term progression. It’s as boring a system as I’ve ever seen. At least with the old system I could take even characters that were considered low tier and make them into viable Cosmic Patrol farmers.

Heck, with the old system I could have cool looking effects like speccing into Dazzler, or Speccing into calling in a Shield Carrier or even Star Lord’s ship to do airstrikes. There were tons of interesting ways to build. I could make anyone tanky or pure dps and because the game isnt hard it was fun to do so.

All they did was reduce their long term progression system to boring numbers. I may go back to the game at a later date, but for now I will wait and see what they do to bring back some viable long term progression.


Any system like this is subject to the ole “cookie cutter” syndrome. The omega system was just as cookie cutter as anything else. If you wanted to be the most optimal you took X, Y, and Z. Its no different than WoW going from a 51 point talent system to what they have now.

An illusion of choice doesnt = choice.

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You can decide to cookie cutter or you can decide not to depending on your preferences.

The good thing about the old system was that if you decided not to then you had a lot of options that were fun just for the sake of being fun as pointed out above. The new one doesn’t seem to have that from what I have seen though admittedly I have only really glanced at it.


I liked the 51 point talent system and the 3 choice/tier system caused me to stop playing the game. I don’t pretend that I used the most optimal builds but I did have fun making my own choices. Choosing between 3 options (for example as a healer) where only one of them impacts healing isn’t really even a choice.

Similarly, the new system made me dump MH. It’s like they looked at WoW’s changes and said “yeah, we want that.” Except a quite a few of my characters had several of these tiers offer choices for 3 powers that I had no interest in using. And then the occasional tier where all 3 of the powers were ones I had previously used just fine. So the hell with that mess.


your perception of “options” was an illusion. pull up any omega era build and you see the same points in the same nodes with over half of the nodes never picked by anyone.

it’s the same diversity lie that path of exile has right now. if you go life you pick all the same nodes. if you go energy shield you pick all the same nodes. and vaal pact. everyone gets vaal pact.

Indigo Salma

After so many players said this system is pure shit they sure listened fast XD.
But hey its something , most heroes only need 2 stats invested in. And they mentioned the xp curve for the points , hope they lover the xp needed for leveling after 60 significantly.