OrbusVR is a sandbox MMORPG built for the Vive and Rift


If you count yourself among gamers actively seeking out MMORPG virtual reality experiences, you should probably take a peek at OrbusVR, currently in production for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Ad Alternum Game Studios is building a full-scale MMORPG with all the bells and whistles — questing, combat, open-world zones, and crafting — with a few more unusual features, like hybrid instanced dungeons, hidden and “feat” quests, player bounties, and tiered safety zones for PvP. Raids aren’t expected to make it in for launch.

Most recently, the game held a pre-alpha test with 700 participants and should move to alpha before late March. Founder Riley Dutton posted to the official blog that the team will be running a “modest” Kickstarter campaign starting March 6th, to run just one week, so keep an eye out for that.

“The good news is that this game is already ‘fully funded,'” Dutton writes. “We will finish it no matter what. But if we can raise some extra money now to spend on more art, better sound effects, a proper writer, and more help in general?”

Take a peek at the trailers below!

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