See all of the ‘extreme polite socializing’ that Ever, Jane has to offer


Admit it: You have been weirdly fascinated and curious ever since hearing of the existence of Ever, Jane. This period MMORPG is definitely taking a different path than most games in our genre, drawing from the works of Jane Austen to make an online roleplaying experience that’s more about dinner parties and gossip than it is about slaying dark gods and looting their decorative armor sets.

YouTuber The Hive Leader took some time to explore the interesting (and confusing) open beta and returned with a hilarious report. He notes that the world is largely silent and devoid of people while the game is not very clear on what players need to do and can do.

Satisfy your curiosity by watching all of the “extreme polite socializing” that Ever, Jane has to offer after the break!

Source: YouTube
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