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What happens when a global publisher of MMORPGs acquires an MMO news site? We’re about to find out, as the Gamigo Group announced that it has purchased to “enlarge its portfolio of portals.” has covered many online titles, including those under Gamigo’s umbrella. The Gamigo Group, which also handles Aeria Games and marketing platform Adspree Media GmbH, said that the purchase was aimed at “improving monetarisation” of the news site and increasing Gamigo’s advertising presence. Gamigo said that this move helps it achieve its goal of “an end-to-end marketing package,” but for readers, it will no doubt raise questions over the possible conflict of interest present when a video game publisher owns a video game news site.

MMOGames Editor-in-Chief Nick Shively told Massively OP, “Despite the recent acquisition by Gamigo, the MMOGames staff retains its editorial freedom and will continue to uphold its journalistic integrity. There have been no requests to the editorial team that would create a conflict of interest and we intend to continue delivering quality MMO news, reviews, and feature articles.”

Meanwhile, Gamigo is not keeping the acquisition a secret:

We wish our writer colleagues at the publication well!

Source: Gamigo Group
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