Niantic cracks down on third-party sales in Ingress


Stop cheating, you cheating cheaters, or else we’re gonna take your stuff.

That’s the gist of the message out of Niantic this week to Ingress players. The studio perhaps better known for thwarting cheaters in its other ARG, Pokemon Go, isn’t taking any crap from its sci-fi players either and is cracking down on third-party trading.

“We will be sending warnings to anyone who received items that can be traced back to a third-party seller. In the future, we will remove items from the game that were purchased from unauthorized sellers. This means that any items purchased through third-party websites or services will disappear from inventories – even if these items were passed to other players unknowingly.”

Here’s a peek at the letter sent to miscreants — and to their unwitting victims, as it appears simply acquiring anything that passed through such a vendor’s hands will also be deleted:

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Source: Niantic G+. Thanks, Nordavind!

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Ingress coverage ???


A ) Way to go, Niantic.

B ) Bring on Ingress 2.0!

Zen Dadaist

It’d be nice if they were faster on banning the selling spam accounts. Faction chat is all but unusable for the sheer volume of it where I am.


I found that once you block a spammer then change your chat listen distance, then go back, it’ll remove all the spam.