TUG outlines its roadmap, aims to have ‘core gameplay’ in place for summer


You might be hearing more about TUG in the near future, as the team said that it will be increasing its communication as development ramps back up on the social sandbox. Updates and videos from the team will be posted twice a month going forward.

Answering questions from the community, the devs outlined a general roadmap going forward: “We are currently working towards a dynamic list of features to support an exciting experience with our sandbox adventure style game. A general list of features would include: building, resource gathering, crafting, combat, weapons, multiplayer, natural AI, companions, large multi biome worlds, portals, and questing.”

However, the really exciting announcements should come some time in mid-June, when the team will have and be ready to show off some of its core gameplay experience. The post hedged on a date for the upcoming alpha, saying that it should be in a better place to make that call in a few months.

Source: Nerd Kingdom

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Sorry but given the sordid history and shenanigans with this project that was outlined aptly in an article from this site last month http://massivelyop.com/2017/02/13/what-in-the-world-happened-to-tug/ , people should be very wary of it.