Defiance prepares for its Armistice Day celebration

And now we're all friends yay

In Defiance lore, Armistice Day is a pretty big deal. It’s not just an excuse for a holiday; it’s the end of the Pale Wars between the native people of Earth and the Votans. It was supposed to usher in peace, but as evidenced by the huge amounts of ordnance flying every which way in Defiance, that obviously didn’t work out quite as intended. Of course, this year’s celebration also includes a whole lot of weaponry with the return of Defiant Few lockboxes, so even the game is celebrating with more firepower.

Starting this week and through the remainder of March, the game is celebrating by rotating through previous events running simultaneously, starting with the Solstice Strike, the Midsummer Mutiny, and the Nuclear Winter events this week. Each of these holiday events offers all of the same rewards as the past, so you can have a shot at filling out holiday collections that you may have missed in the past. The final week will feature three holiday events voted on by the players, so you can be sure to have something to celebrate while you celebrate through the remainder of the month.

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