LawBreakers plans closed beta weekend in March

A very short marathon.

Hey, remember LawBreakers? The Nexon-produced, CliffyB-designed online shooter that went semi-dormant last summer following alpha with plans to retool itself before beta? We already knew that beta was on the way this year, and today, we’ve inched a little closer with the news that the first closed beta test is slated for later this month on March 16th through 19th.

Nexon and Boss Key will be present at PAX East this coming weekend as well with both a playable demo and a late-night panel covering the game’s “unprecedented gravity-defying combat” and “cast of unique ‘verti-killers,'” a word I hope I never have to type ever again.

By the way, launch is also planned for this year, according to last month’s Nexon investor report.

Signups for the beta are open on the official site already. While you wait for that, why not check out the latest talk-through video?

Source: Press release, official site
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Dane Ford

The problem for this game is that Overwatch exists.

Kickstarter Donor

This is a game I have almost no interest in, personally. Power to those who like it, of course.but me? I doubt I’d even play it for free. It’s not that I think it’s necessarily a bad game, only that there’s nothing about it that appeals to me personally.


I think I was the only non-assassin in 4 matches in a row. Needless to say, I was slaughtered pretty quickly. I tried a couple more days after but rarely saw anything different. Hopefully, they have radically changed the game. If so, maybe I’ll give it a shot.