Star Trek Online goes once more unto the Breach queue

Like this, but with slightly better lines, hopefully.
A special version of Star Trek Online’s Breach queue is now hailing captains to adventure.

Cryptic brought back its five-player instanced Breach for a “faster-paced, action-packed” romp that’s been streamlined and balanced to be better than before. And that’s not the really good part! As with many STO releases, there are extra rewards for players who run this queue upon its return.

From now through the 23rd (and from March 16th through April 7th for console jockeys), Star Trek Online will award Breach queue victors with special currency that can be exchanged for a ton of currency, marks, and even a Voth melee weapon. After this time, the queue will revert to its normal reward payout.

Source: Star Trek
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