Chronicles of Elyria devs answer questions about its trio of ‘pre-alpha experiences’


While the full MMO of Chronicles of Elyria is a ways off just yet, the developers want to get players involved and in the world “ridiculously early.” This is why the team, in addition to making the MMORPG, is also crafting a trio of “pre-alpha experiences” for players.

In a new video Q&A, the dev team answers community questions about these games, which include a single-player prologue, the web-based Kingdoms of Elyria, and the text-based ElyriaMUD.

If you’re more partial to reading, you can zip over to the main site to catch an overview of these experiences from late last month. “Put plainly, pre-alpha experiences are opportunities for players to jump into some form of the game as early as possible — even before pre-alpha, to provide feedback,” the team explained.

Interested in Elyria? Set aside a half hour to drink in the video below (there’s also a two-hour version if you swing that way), and stay tuned for our meeting with the team this weekend at PAX!

Source: YouTube

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Pre-Alpha, as in, before they launch the Alpha Test 1 and 2. So, the name fits :).

Cray Wulf

Just call it alpha stage and leave it at that! These prefixes and suffixes to Greek alphabet is ridiculous. Are we to call a finished game the post-omega-experience?


I was hoping for a pre-pre-pre-alpha experience.


I can help you with that. Download Visual studio, select create new project, give it a cool name, and their you have it.