Trove previews upgrades to its console inventory system

Sorting out your inventory in Trove is a bit different from the inventory systems of other games, but it still has the same core features of giving you a lot of items and asking you to pick over them later. The good news is that the game’s launch update on March 14th will make inventory and loot collections much easier to sort through. Inventory will be divided into three tabs for Adventure, Building, and Crafting, with the Crafting tab further subdivided into Currencies, Components, and Gems. That should keep the inventory window the same size while making it easier to actually find what you’re looking for.

The new Loot Collector interface will also give you options to lock or unlock individual items to avoid destroying them, add in a Buyback feature for items you accidentally got rid of, and allow you to mass-collect all unlocked items with a single button push. The patch is about a week away, yes, but it should make it far easier for players on consoles to get the items they need and find where everything is kept.


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