EverQuest II activates 14 expert dungeons and raids


EverQuest II is pouring a dollop of danger in the cups of its players this week, thanks to the activation of expert modes for Kunark Ascending’s instances.

A dozen dungeons have received the expert mode treatment, along with two raids. These include Arcanna’se Spire, Kaesora, the Ruins of Cabilis, Crypt of Dalnir, and the Lost City of Torsis. There’s also a small patch that came out alongside all of this, so check out the notes to see what might be interesting.

Naturally, with greater challenge comes greater opportunities to do an epic faceplant in front of your team. But if you get past that, there’s also better loot as incentive, so step up your game and see what you can do!

Source: EverQuest II
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Anyone who played the ‘resolve and potency’ game that is now EQ2 ended up blazing through the content so they had to slap on these lazily up-stepped encounters due to their poor design forethought. The game is a total mess.


Well, as we couldn’t even do any of the current dungeons due to being one-shotted – this is none news for us. EQ2 has become way too hard core at max level for casual players.