Project Genom rewrites its code and renovates its world


The end of 2016 was a messy and unfortunate time for the folks at Project Genom, who have only now emerged to start up discussion on the scifi sandbox once more.

“If someone missed or doesn’t know what caused the current lack of updates, we remind you: legal issues and lag,” the team posted in its first weekly report. “Legal issues arose immediately, affected the software part, and cause a short and bright scandal, which we quickly settled. But it has strongly influenced our decision to rework the code.”

By rewriting much of the code from scratch, the team has been able to address many of the issues that popped up during early access. Speaking of which, apparently sales from early access have allowed a reworking of the code and game world visuals. Other projects that the team reported on include improving character anatomy (and underwear!), new armor sets, and revamped dungeons.

Give a look at the new and improved Project Genom after the break and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Project Genom. Thanks Edge_case!

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Someday I think I’ll pull the trigger and join in the EA, but I think the game still needs more actual content. Here’s hoping.

Robert Mann

Still has the good running animations. Don’t know much beyond that, and never did.

If they make a good game, then great. I hope the legal issues (not sure if the salary was paid or not, and if not if the issue was settled) are resolved and wish them success… the genre could use more variety!


Looks good in the video. Maybe its time to put this one back on my radar


Maybe but I would wait till the actually put the genome into project genom at the very least.

Dug From The Earth

all their videos look nice

unfortunately for most of the vids, they dont represent the actual REAL game experience.