Skyforge’s new LFG tool is live with Stand United today

Heads-up, demigods: The Stand United Patch is live in Skyforge today.

It’s a relatively small patch for such a grand name, but it does herald the promised overhaul to the looking-for-group system. Of note, players will now be able to select a role while queueing up for a group, WoW-style, making it clear both to the players which role you signed up for and to the game itself should the group need to replace you.

We wrote more in-depth on the new LFG system earlier this week for those who need a catch-up!

The patch also tweaks some weather and lighting in adventures, tinkers with the prestige calculation formula, and adds previous seasons’ epics to invasion weapon loot tables, in addition to bug fixes and tweaks for the Greenhouse distortion.

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