Eternal Crusade adds new map, revenge cam

Pictured: hurty bit.

A new patch rolled out in Eternal Crusade earlier this week, making it easier than ever to plot your grand revenge upon those who wrong you. This is thanks to the new death camera, which will graciously show you the player who killed you so that you can burn that image onto your retina as you reincarnate looking for a little payback.

The patch isn’t merely about revenge, of course. The game now has a new map, Fortress Ronan, for players to fight over. Lag issues should also be much improved, and players who pick jump and support units will see a marked increase in their survivability.

The Eternal Crusade team also answered 15 community questions about the early access title, although it is being closed lipped about how it might be expanding the campaign system and its rewards in the future.

Source: Patch notes, Q&A
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A really decent game. The original vision might not have had the funding but it’s a long time since I had so much fun in a WH40k game.


I have a ton of hours in the game and its fun as a lobby shooter, but they really do have no clue on how to balance things. It seems like somethings set to either an 11 or a 1


Well, kudos on their PR guy for having the skill to answer these questions without actually saying anything worth while. Basically, all the questions on content was answered with “Yes, Eventually”, and the questions with solid answers where problems that were fixed at some time between the time the question was asked and when the question was posted.

Kickstarter Donor

Wow…yeah, a lot of “we’re working on it” or “we’ll answer this later” responses… usually when you get to pick which questions you answer for a Q&A like this, you pick questions you actually have a response for. Yeesh.


I don’t envy his job, he is the PR guy from a failed dev team that knows absolutely nothing about the 40k franchise. I think there is hope for people that have been waiting for an actual 40k MMO, but it won’t be announced until mid 2018

Dug From The Earth

More stuff to divert attention from the broken parts of the game that will never get improved upon.