Project Gorgon teases the musical Bard skill


It’s an undeniable fact that Bards are flat-out awesome, and soon they’ll be bringing their musical magic to the alpha of Project Gorgon.

The dev team announced that the Bard skill is “on deck” for the next patch. Bards provide group support with their songs and thus are best used in teams. They can use their lutes or battle-horns to spin out short-term buffs, healing spells, activate ongoing songs, and even mesmerize foes. Using a song requires that the player stand still, so long distance abilities (such as Mentalism or Archery) are recommended for the class.

Apparently, unlocking the Bard skill will be “tricky,” so don’t expect to get it right from the start. Project Gorgon’s composer has designed music for Bards to sync up with combat music so that it wouldn’t clash but would compliment. Check out this sample!

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