Paragon celebrates a year of early access with a big patch

Whip it, whip it good.

Has it really been a year since Paragon first went into early access? It certainly has according to the developers, and they would know. By way of celebration, players are being treated to a nice big patch containing all sort of fun toys, starting with a new hero named Yin. She whips things and reflects projectiles, so if that’s your thing you should be happy to see her show up.

The game has also adjusted balance on 20 different existing heroes, as well as adjusting several cards and adding a large number of new ones. Players also have access to the new Banner feature, allowing you to show off your sign for kills and tower destruction. Last but not least, there are also a number of promotional giveaways to coincide with the anniversary. You can find out everything from the full patch notes, or you can check out the top-level overview with the video just below.


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They completely gutted this game with the TERRIBLE new map. It was a unique take on the MOBA style, with a sprawling map, and strategic, yet exciting gameplay.

The new map destroyed all that, and turned it into a mindless face-rape brawler, with no strategy or nuance whatsoever.

I have never seen a development team make a worse misstep in all my gaming years. It’s very sad.

Slasher Zet

I’m guessing you’ve not seen SWG NGE!


Well I’ll go ahead and say I disagree. While I like the old map, this. Ew one has its charms. There is plenty of strategy to be had if you look. Only time I see faceraping work is when the defending team leaves the lanes open. The time it takes to get there is most likely going to cost you a turret.

I also don’t believe map changes are done. I was told this is the map they are focusing on now with more to come.

The game is still in beta and they are constantly patching to balance things out. I for one hope the give the core a little more life because one you get past the inhibitor, one man and a few minions can finish the game. Used to be it took a few runs at it to get it down.

I also look forward to competitive. Would love to separate myself from some of the game ruining chumps I deal with regularly.