Eternal Crusade prepares for its free-to-play shift

freely shoots

It is important to note that the official Eternal Crusade line is that the upcoming free-to-play option is not a full conversion to free-to-play, and that’s largely accurate. Free players will still be limited in what they can access. But it does mean that you will be able to play the game for free, while those who already have bought the game and are playing not for free get some fun stuff. For example, you get a bunch of in-store credit for the game, all four factional DLC packs, unique Venerable items, and something else as-yet-undisclosed to offer another little bonus.

Free players, of course, will have access to all of these things for purchase separately (aside from Venerable items) and can jump in to fill out the game’s queues, so they win as well. This also coincides with another patch to the game trimming up balance issues and outstanding bugs, so whether or not you’re already a player or just look to jump in when the game goes free, you can know you’re playing the most polished version of the game possible.

Source: Steam
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Danny Smith

The Warhammer curse continues on its natural progression again.

Bruno Brito

Tried to play this. Several resolution issues.

Not worth the headache.


A very decent Warhammer game. It’s a good lobby shooter with nice classes and variety, alot of flair, great weapon handling and impact. It’s not Planetside with a WH40k but what it’s trying to do it does rather good. Also best melee in any Lobby Shooter by far. It feels like a WH40k through and through.

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Captain Crash

I bought this game in early access and had no idea it even had launched, this was a very quick transition..


Here’s a one of the early access steam keys for whoever wants to try the game(and uses the code first), give it more than 10 minutes and don’t get too frustrated when you die 16 times to a dude with a jetpack and a glowy sword



I think they sent me one of the keys thats still sitting in my inbox, I should post it here

A Dad Supreme

Wish I could say “Good Luck” but someone’s got to think of the children and stop making these horrible Warhammer MMOs.
I’d wish more good luck on anyone making single player Warhammer games instead.


6 months since it “launched” and its still dreadful…the last couple of patches just made it worse on the balance side and none of the promised additions have materialized , well except the campaign system but thats a total joke (it literally just tracks how many matches your race won theres no map control or anything like that).

Well I guess its F2P now so if your still on the fence you can try it for yourself…. let me save you the bother though….imagine there was a version of Space Marine that only had the multiplayer mode, was made by a no-name dev house and came out 5 years before Space Marine and you’re pretty much there. Its better than Deathwing I suppose, thats about the nicest thing I can say about it. :S


Bad game run by a dev team that has no clue about the universe.


I’ve been waiting for this to go FTP.