LawBreakers rolls out massive patch today with first closed beta test

Bye Felicia.

Nexon’s CliffyB-designed online shooter LawBreakers enters its first round of closed beta today.

Back in August, dev studio Boss Key told fans it was going “back in the lab” to work out some of the kinks and take into account feedback from alpha testers.

This weekend’s closed beta event, which runs until March 19th, trots out those lab-baked changes, including Discord chat, three new roles, two new maps, an updated UI, fresh tutorial elements, achievements, a balance update for most of the original roles and modes, and performance optimizations. There’s also some testing going on with regard to customization and stashes.

Launch is still planned for later this year; you can sign up for future beta rounds on the official site!


ource: Press release, official site

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I’m not impressed. Or I’m not good. This isn’t really my type of game I guess. Back to Overwatch for my quirky shooters.


“First closed beta test…” Huh? I’m pretty sure I participated in a closed beta test a few months ago.

Dug From The Earth

This game is gonna be fighting for a place in the community more than Titan Fall 2 did. Titan Fall at least had an existing fan base to help it along.


And my big take away from this is, CliffyB is working for Nexon? LOL. I must have missed a meeting….

I know he has moved around some but the dude that put the Unreal engine on the map (remember Unreal Tournament?) and took first person shooters to a new level is at Nexon?

Alright. Cool. I’ll take a look at Lawbreakers.


I didn’t miss the meeting but I still think its weird even now…