The Elder Scrolls Online deep-dives Morrowind’s Ald Carac battleground

Dwarf fight begin.
The launch of the Morrowind expansion will bring three separate battleground maps to The Elder Scrolls Online, and while all three feature the same three-way battle, they aren’t all going to play the same. First on deck? The Dwarven ruins of Ald Carac. If your first thought upon hearing that you’re going to be fighting for dominance in a ruin is that you’re going to have a remarkably constrained experience, well, you’re more or less right about that.

Ald Carac features rather narrow corridors and twisting passages, so players will need to be aware that someone cold easily slip just outside of their fields of vision. Of course, that means you can also set up ambushes within the region, so it cuts both ways. You can also move to the center of the map, which is far more exposed but also gives you a clear view of both opposing bases. It’s going to be a game of movement and tight conflicts in Ald Carac, so be sure to bring a melee weapon with you and get ready to realize that there’s someone behind you a moment too late.

Want more on battlegrounds in ESO? MOP’s Larry previewed the content at ZeniMax a few weeks ago, Eliot got a glimpse at PAX East, and yesterday we examined the impact of the new mode on the game’s existing PvP.

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Alex Willis

Reminds me of Courtyard from GW2. *shudders*