AdventureQuest 3D will launch this October after a mega-patch


Following a year of open beta testing, the cross-platform AdventureQuest 3D will launch on October 13th, 2017. Just prior to that launch, however, the team is planning on “one final massive round of interface, character, and art improvements” to go into the game.

Part of these improvements will be a revamp of character faces to make them more expressive and attractive than the current “alien-esque” mugs that have some players jeering. In a post this week, the team walked through the inspiration and process of creating more likable faces that respond to a variety of situations.

“I strongly feel that characters that are ‘out of combat’ should have a friendly yet determined look,” AQ3D’s creator wrote. “Some of the governing pillars of Artix Entertainment games is hope, friendliness, and giant vicious fanged man-eating monsters. We are still working on this… but getting closer.”


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Oleg Chebeneev

I predict shut down half a year after launch

Kickstarter Donor

That looks wwwwaaaaayyyyy better, IMO. I’ll still likely be missing this one, but the characters faces were definitely something that irked me a bit, the new ones look much more aesthetically pleasing.