Dark and Light hit with another delay, this time to summer 2017


Dark and Light has been delayed at least until summer — so says the game’s official Chinese website, anyway, which has a lengthy apology to players awaiting the game’s release in the US and Europe. “Regrettably, we had to make an extension decision again,” Snail writes, telling players to expect beta this summer.

This won’t be the first time the game’s been delayed, though the chronology is confusing.

In September 2016, the official ChinaJoy trailer declared — in English — that the game was “coming soon… this year,” meaning fall 2016. The teaser website that same month also claimed the game was on track for 2016.

In November 2016, however, a studio rep admitted that a November release was “not likely.”

In December 2016, Snail announced an 2017 early access for the game, with full launch planned for Q4 2017, as if those earlier dates had not been given; we reported it as a delay. (And apparently Snail’s Chinese branch also considered that a delay — note the word “again” in the apology.)

The game ceased such announcements until early March 2017, when Snail popped on Facebook for a “not dead yet” post. Though sites have reported a Q1 date for the game (and that was our original guess too), Snail has subsequently rejected that idea. “Unfortunately that statement was made in error – it wasn’t from an official press release from Snail Games USA,” a rep wrote on Facebook.


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I stopped caring

Rolan Storm

While D&L has a history of delays – and notorious at that – I’d say this is expected. I mean look at the game, it’s total overhaul. Whole game is different.

Robert Mann

Let’s just be honest here. Given the announcement date, I expect if we see anything that we will see it in 2018 at the earliest.

That’s just my guess, of course, but I highly doubt they can do everything at a level to compete with the rest of the genre, much less fulfill their promises, before then… even for a beta.


Sounds just like Dark & Light first time around – a constant stream of excuses and delays. Not that I’m bitter or anything … :D


Sounds like they’re working at a snail’s pace.


“Snail Games Announces Further Delay”. These headlines write themselves.


Hold on, let me check something…

Nope, not shocked by this at all. I will be shocked when either Dark&Light or ARK finally launch out of Early Access. Both companies (one company?) have a rough relationship with announced launch dates.