Revelation Online players accuse the game of pay-to-win tactics

I really feel like a spirit is being shaped.
Don’t look now, but the ugly form of pay-to-win might be slouching its way into Revelation Online.

On the forums, players have accused of incorporating P2W tactics into the game, saying that the cash shop gives an unfair PvP advantage over those who only accumulate gear and progress through the game. Allegedly, the cash shop sells treasure maps that guides players to T6 PvP stones, while the best that others can attain through normal gameplay alone is only T4 stones.

When another player pointed out that the maps can be gained through the Ninefold Assault, the response was that people could buy top notch stones from the store in bulk and that it still constituted an unfair advantage in a competitive environment.

“We had the top players working on Tier 4 Gems and perfecting their soul grid, and now out of nowhere, everyone gets Tier 4+ gems and Tier 4+ Crystals, thus completely nullifying all effort put in the game so far,” one player wrote.

Source: Official forums. Thanks Kinya!
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Hmm, Asian import in p2w shock !!



Wait… doesn’t someone have an unfair advantage if they play more than you? Its like you want competition but at the exact same time you want it balanced. That’s insanity and will never work. Good luck with that

Castagere Shaikura

Don’t worry about it. This summer when ESO and FF drop their expansions no one will care about this game anymore. Its just to hold people over till the summer. The game is so generic in everything it does. Its just that its the new shiny.


My thoughts exactly the game doesn’t have it’s own identity


I don’t really understand the concept of p2w since the definition of win is pretty blurry, i also don’t understand this idea that nice looking gear can be monetized but power can’t, unless the barbie doll people all get to play for free while the real players pay i don’t see how this makes any sense.

At any rate it always looked like the game was going to rely on a cash shop for profit, being a free game i don’t see how else it would work.

Indigo Salma

Its easy , if you pay for power its pay to win.



1) another asian game is imported (copy pasted) into the west
2) the publisher must or just copy paste the original publisher business model, which is fundamentally composed by these elements:
– PAY2WIN f2p
– endless grind
– gambling
3) some people complain because some other people like pay2win and play the credit card warriors…

Uhm… so where is the new?

Indigo Salma

Even skyforge turned pay to win since the huge garbage update. Since you cant turn ingame currency to diamonds anymore . There are some progression options that you can boost with diamonds , and now you can only get them through real money instead of like guild wars 2 buy them with ingame currency. Should have expected this as soon as people saw that shit happen…

Kickstarter Donor



A few more thoughts aside from what I posted below.

I don’t know why this is a surprise. Looking at the complexity of the currency and the cash shop, it was and is obvious from the outset that this game is more p2w than most. They tried to hide it with currencies and mats, but the confuscation certainly tells you there is something they don’t want glarring obvious.

So… back to the really important stuff. Who did Trump insult today?


Perfect. Lol. Especially that maMMOn.

“Money is the root of all evil.” P2W, thy name is Mephistopheles.

Wendigo Runner

Gasp! I’m stunned!

… stunned!


I mean it’s not like this has been obvious for months or anything idk?