Pathfinder Online has a roadmap forward and a plan for completion

The path was found after all.

If you’d lost hope in Pathfinder Online ever making any forward motion again, you should be happy to see that there’s a new letter from Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens. You should be even happier with the contents of that letter, which state that after a great deal of consultation and deliberation, Stevens has developed a plan to move forward with the game and develop it to an open state. While she states that this wasn’t her original plan, she also says that after research, it seemed better than waiting for some white knight to ride in and save the game; it was time to save the game by itself.

Stevens stresses that the version of the game which will move toward an open player base will be a small, niche product aimed at a small, niche audience. She and the small team working on the game looked first and foremost toward what features had already been worked on, what would help new players get into the game, and what obvious gaps of implementation remained in the test version. The full roadmap has a year’s worth of development goals, some of which will no doubt wind up getting pushed around, but it’s still a plan. Here’s hoping for the best.

Source: Official Site; thanks to everyone who sent this in!
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