Master x Master introduces Koom and Vonak

we still don't know when we're tessssssting

Eager to know when everyone gets to play Master x Master? We can’t tell you that, on account of not actually knowing. Still, the game is introducing us to two new heroes, so forward motion is still happening! This pair is Koom, an enormous stone juggernaut, and Vonak, a spindly guy with a popped collar and two guns. Care to guess which one is the defensive hero and which one is the assault?

That’s not a trick question, by the way. It’s pretty obvious. Koom is a huge dude made of stone, he’s all about defense. That should not be a difficult evaluation.

As always, the videos for both characters show off their abilities and some of the customizations available for the characters to tweak abilities and attack. You can check out both videos down below, and presumably join the “eagerly waiting for a beta announcement” crowd.

Source: YouTube

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Vonak. Unacceptable.


MxM is going to be fine game from the streams I’ve seen and the new additions but, really, time to stop introducing new characters in development and release the game in the west!

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Paragon Lost

Title bothers me. Can’t take it serious due to that. Makes me think of “all your base are belong
to us”

Bryan Correll

They seem to only refer to it as MXM in the videos. Probably because they realize just how silly the full title sounds.