Grim Dawn reveals Necromancer class for this year’s expansion


Guess who’s getting a Necromancer class this year! If you said Diablo III, well, I can’t tell you you’re wrong because that’s also happening. But I’m talking about Grim Dawn.

“Although they primarily engage in the weaving of magic, necromancers are aptly equipped to enter the fray in close quarters, or to weave their death magic into ranged weaponry. Do not for a moment think that a cornered necromancer is easy prey,” Crate posted following a lore dump on the new class today.

Players should look forward to a number of masteries currently in development, including Drain Essence, Raise Skeletons, Necrotic Edge, plus skill that help you “shatter the souls of your enemies to conjure violent wraiths,” “bolster your minions with necrotic powers, “fill the battlefield with disease and rot,” and generate “cruel new ways to dispose of your pathetic enemies.”

The Necro arrives with the expansion, which is still expected to arrive before summer and bring a level cap bump to 100, expanded stash, and a new story chapter.

Source: Official forums. Cheers, Cycloen Jack!


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How longs it take to get past the main starting areas? Feels like I’ve been in that zone forever and no idea where I’m supposed to go next

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If you’re familiar with the quests and map layout, I’d say Act 1 (culminating with the Warden) can be completed in less than three hours if you stick to the essentials. If you omit side quests and exploring completely, even quicker, but I’m not much of a speed runner.
And if you explore, kill and loot everything, it’s likely longer ?


Hate to say it because I loved both but Grim Dawn is a much better game than D3.


I agree, however without servers I can’t enjoy it on the level it (Grim Dawn) deserves.

Alexander Smith

Man how Blizzard has fallen. I saw D2 at walmart today(brand new battle chest boxes) and was like “damn, what game has this kind of staying power that physical copies are still in stores 17 years later(and with their sequel out and right next to it)).

Yet, with D3 it’s kind of dropped ball after a dropped ball(it did get better with the expansion but they kind of gave up after that it felt like). Now they have real competition with Grim Dawn, POE and I’m sure others and they continue to drop the ball.

Dug From The Earth

Im more excited about grim dawns expansion than D3s Necro DLC

Blizzard can and should do better.


So good! I’ve been hankering lately for a really good necro-style class in an ARPG and D3’s is taking forever, besides that Grim Dawn is just a really good game. I’ll be firing this sucker up on day one.