South Korea’s Netmarble to launch ambitious IPO


South Korean Tencent affiliate Netmarble announced today that it will launch an initial public offering to the tune of $2.35 billion US. That works out to approximately 17 million newly issued shares.

As explains, Netmarble is hoping to pay off debts and increase its holdings, building “towards a state goal of being in the top five global gaming companies by 2020.”

Reuters calls the IPO the second-largest for the country, sandwiched between two Samsung IPOs.

In the west, the company is probably best known for games like Lineage 2: Revolution, Prius, and Uncharted Waters; its recent partnership with Disney came with a license for Marvel and Star Wars titles as well.

Source: Reuters via

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Skai R

I welcome our Korean and Chinese overlords :)


“Second largest IPO for the country”. What does that say about the importance of games to the SK economy? It also highlights the other elephant in their room, the China problem.

Maybe they can buy Daybreak and revive EQ Next.