Ever, Jane’s latest open beta update adds horseback riding, carriages, and new homes


Ever, Jane’s fourth update of open beta has gone live this afternoon, bringing new homes and horses to the Jane Austen-themed period MMORPG. “We’re eager to add the townhouses and cottages to home ownership, fundamental changes to the Story system, additional construction on the Estate, carriages you can both drive and ride as a passenger, the first implementation of much awaited horseback riding and more!” 3 Turn Productions writes today.

Expect new and larger buildings (with basement!) in Tyrehampton, but be warned: If you’ve not logged in within the last month, you’ll be getting a warning email and then an eviction notice.

And as for horses? 3TP says it’s not a “polished experience” with finished animations or jumping, but you can indeed trot through the village now — or be ferried around in a multi-person carriage. Just don’t try to summon your horse inside a building (it will work, sort of!).

Source: Ever, Jane

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Pedge Jameson
4 years ago

But the opening cinematics are great.

Pedge Jameson
4 years ago

Fetch me a cucumber sandwich crusts REMOVED!

4 years ago

I always perk up a bit when I see an MMO that doesn’t revolve around combat and violence. I really hope this does well. Definitely going to take it for a spin tonight but I’ve only read P&P. My RP’ing capabilities for this game may be lacking..

Melissa McDonald
4 years ago

being able to ride together on one horse is something I really liked about ArcheAge. Man, that game could be phenomenal, it came so close, but a couple fatal flaws.

4 years ago

Ever, Jane pulling off multi-person mounts when most other games can’t.

Loyal Patron
4 years ago

With the budget they are working with, I’m amazed they made it this far.

Roger Melly
4 years ago
Reply to  jay

Maybe they should get some of these developers to join Star Citizen because at least these guys can obviously focus on getting out a finished product .