Moonlight Blade offers you the freedom of flight


Who needs wings or a fancy mount to experience the fun of flight in an MMORPG? Upcoming Moonlight Blade will give every player clearance for take-off, granted that they’ve reached level 50 and have a supply of flight potions.

As Steparu investigated, flying in Moonlight Blade looks pretty neat, with each class sporting their own unique animations while zipping through the air like Iron Man. There’s a lot of flames, twisting about, and generally looking cool as all get out. But you really do want to make sure you have enough pots on hand, because it would stink to find yourself plummeting to your doom or having to hoof it back to civilization on your own two feet.

Need to see it for yourself? Check out the videos after the break and see if you don’t feel your excitement level rising a bit for this Chinese import!

Source: Steparu

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Giannis Papadopoulos

The visuals are stunning, the characters are wonderful (Much better than BDO and BnS)…
But the crucial question is… will this gonna be the usual Asian gankbox?

Joshua Dickerson

Formula for Flight Video Hype:

Female Character’s
Full Leg Revealing Clothing
Unecessary Leg Spreading


Oh, that’s what you where looking at. o.O

Chosenxeno .

I’m only playing it if it’s Tab Target. The rebellion starts now, dammit!!!

Robert Mann

Hmm. It looks fancy, but at the same time in terms of gameplay and control it just seems very poor from what I can tell. That may be controls that just don’t really come across in the video… but even then I would find myself getting annoyed with the camera and the flashy effects.

If those don’t bother people, more power to them!

Loyal Patron
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Any guesses how you acquire a potion of flight? I have a guess.

Chosenxeno .

Does it rhyme with “Trashflop”?


I hope this will see a release here. :x

A true Wuxia MMO, no cheap korean knock-off.