TERA’s EU branch claims player numbers have ‘risen massively’

Saber. It begins with a bloody S.
We see a lot of odd press releases around here, many of them loaded with vague commentary on how well a game is doing or how big it is. This one from TERA’s EU branch today is definitely up there with those that make you wonder whether you’re spying doublespeak or a funky translation that somehow lost the details.

“Gameforge and Bluehole, Publisher and Developer of TERA, proudly announce that players numbers of the MMO have risen massively since the game is available through the Steam platform as well as gameforge.com. Since the launch TERA has held a spot in the top 30 of F2P on Steam and received lots of positive user reviews.”

Risen massively.

While we don’t have access to Gameforge’s native numbers, and I cringe at using what are assuredly incomplete Steam numbers in such cases, the Steam charts that are available to us and quoted as being one of the catalysts for “risen massively” appear to show the MMORPG down significantly since its May 2015 Steam launch — in fact, both its peak and averages are down in the last year, though they’ve held even since last summer. That said, we’d be surprised if most extant MMOs didn’t match this same pattern over this same time period.

TERA EU is due to launch the new Valkyrie class in April, and TERA — at least the En Masse version — should see a nice influx in general from the console launches planned for later in 2017. I dunno about “risen massively,” but a girl can dream.

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