Final Fantasy XI players gather cherished memories for anniversary celebration

Contains some monsters.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise, but it also marks the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI. And yes, the game is looking quite good for a 15-year-old title. Players have taken the initiative to celebrate the lengthy history in other ways, however, by kicking off a community project to gather up the playerbase’s cherished memories of the game over the 15 years of history.

The plan is to gather up all of the messages of player memories and send them in to the developers, showing them how profoundly and positively the game has impacted its playerbase. If you’ve played the game in the past and want to let the Japanese team know how much that’s meant to you, hop on by and fire off a message of goodwill, whether you’re a former player or someone who’s been in-game since the lights came on.

Source: Reddit; thanks to Luis for the tip!

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Danny Smith

Been replaying to get back in touch with my RDM/NIN now im just getting alt job Relics in HW before stormblood and you know the one thing i miss most going from XI to XIV? The music.
XIV has fantastic music but you cant hear stuff like this and forget it easily:

Daniel Miller

Great game. Its funny to think they lead the charge for multi platform in 2004. But seriously, 15 years later no mmo or even offline pc game has made a job or game like Blue mage, or as unique as Scholar in this game. Even combat as a mage feel great vs dull most games who standardized it.

Keep it up ffxi

Kickstarter Donor

Played FFXI for 6 years. I doubt I will ever play another game that long. With how the industry has evolved, there will also never be another game like FFXI. The game in its heyday was an incredibly unique experience, if you could put in the time.

Chris Moss

I added my comment earlier. I played this amazing game nonestop for almost 10 years. I still go back and play a couple times a year, it’s like a drug.

I would never be able to write down all the amazing memories I had in FFXI tho. All the friends I made, there are some I still talk to every day.

It truely was some of the greatest time I ever spend in a game, even if that was just time in my Mog House, Jeuno, or Bastok sitting around chatting with friends. ; ;


As the most important and most cherished of the many MMOs I’ve played, I’ll definitely add my thoughts.

Kickstarter Donor

I loved FFXI for a very long time. More than willing to throw my response in on cherished memories of that game.