Riders of Icarus increases the level cap, adds rainforest zone in Corruption of Light, now live


Exciting things are afoot at Riders of Icarus, as the year-old MMO rolled out its Corruption of Light update with plenty of new content for players to enjoy.

For starters, there’s a level cap increase to 55, meaning that everyone has a little more to do to max out their characters. With that cap increase comes one or two new skills per class, such as the Assassin’s throat cut ability or the Wizard’s fire pillar spell.

Next up for the game is a rainforest region, Ellora Sanctuary and Windhome Canyon. This area is for characters level 49 and up, and contains over 230 new quests and a pair of additional field raid bosses to tackle.

There’s so much more included in the patch, including the Forgotten Shrine dungeon, several new familiars, a trio of legendary dungeons, shop updates, legendary equipment, legendary familiars, a solo instance, and a transcendence system that allows players to merge equipment to make the final product more powerful. Hopefully that’ll be enough to keep you occupied for, oh, a day or two!

Source: Patch notes
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