Kickstarted survival sandbox Planet Nomads hits early access on April 18


Planet Nomads is one of those gorgeous sci-fi multiplayer survival sandboxes that’s been kicking around on our Make My MMO list for so long that I’d almost forgotten about it. Not anymore!

“After the 2+ years of caring, cuddling and upbringing, Planet Nomads has finally grown up tall enough to get out there and fight for its future,” studio Craneballs (best name ever) says, as the actual “survival” update has this week arrived in the game’s alpha, and the early access is now slated for April 18th.

The game originally pulled in $140,000 in Kickstarter funding in early 2016 — no mean feat the past few years. Another game for our new survival sandbox column, eh?

Source: Kickstarter, official site. Thanks so much, I-Spy!

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Dug From The Earth

Another survival sandbox game. IE: Explore a computer generated landscape in a game with no real content other than lego blocks and digging tools.

Trailers of games that arent anything like the current early access versions of the game are getting old too. The trailer looks pretty darn good, but the latest build playable shown in the 2nd video is much less impressive.

Isnt this like the 6th or 7th sandbox survival game to take place on a colorful alien planet?

Osiris New Dawn
No Mans Buy
Empyrion Galactic Survival
Planet Explorers
Eden Star

What about this game exactly seperates it from all of these others that are surprisingly similar?


one of the few Kickstarter projects I’ve backed. This one is excited. ( I identify as Hanar)

William Bond

Wow. An early present! I’ve been waiting on this one since the end of last year. Checked it darn near every day to see if it went early access. You made my day Bree.


I want to know how they left the ground and ended up in No Man’s Sky.

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Lights and Music

Is that you, No Man’s Sky?




Almost anything is better, so that doesn’t necessarily make for a compelling argument.

Pedge Jameson

I had Buster Poindexter’s voice in my head saying that when I read it just now.