Albion Online’s new gathering gear helps you get the goods


25Have you ever wondered how strange it was that your fantasy MMO character ends up doing grunt work like farming, mining, or baking apple pecan pies with delicate flaky crusts in your battle armor? That won’t be the case in Albion Online, just in case you were wondering.

With the new Galahad update, gatherers now have their own specialty outfits that will assist the player in the task at hand. By donning one of these gatherer outfits, players can not only look the part but also gain access to special skills to assist in harvesting mats from the game world.

Each of the five gathering professions have several tiers of these outfits to pursue, with the higher offering an increased yield to mats gained. The backpack slot, which is part of each four-piece set, will allow players to carry far more resources than they would be able to otherwise. The only question is, does wearing one of these outfits automatically put a big target on your head for merciless PvPers?


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So, in order to pick flowers for alchemy (or whatever) you need to stand in the field, strip off your armor, put on your special backpack, then pick your flower. Do you then strip off your special backpack and put your armor back on, hoping no one stealth-ganks you during the switch? This sounds utterly ridiculous.

Add to that the fact that most gatherers pick their flowers whether there are hostiles in the area or not. How often have you grabbed gathers while some stupid animal threw itself against your armor? Or how many of you have cleared mobs to get to the gather only to have another player train more mobs onto you while gathering?

Unless you plan to have an armored guild surround and protect you while in your gather-suit, it sounds like you’re screwed.

Caio Muniz

Actually, the entire point of the gatherer gear was to give players new abilities and buffs that greatly help them get away from enemy players, the one thing Justin didn’t mention… rest is just some extras.
And you don’t necessarily have to be on pvp zones to gather. And yeah, don’t play alone in this game, actually, play another game if you wanna do that. And visit another website that isn’t about multiplayer games while you’re at it.


Having these crafting gear sets shouldn’t make you immune to ganks, or close to immune(if that were the case, the market would be flooded with high level mats).
I believe they are there to even the grounds when you or group are pitted against an ~equal amount of players.

Malorey Malone

Sounds like wearing the gear with the backpack will be like wearing a big red banner saying, please gank me! :)

Robert Mann

Of course, and given their cash shop I wouldn’t be surprised to see them shortcut the process there.

Of course, I like the idea (and have supported it in other games) but… I’m not so sure that an open PvP game with no real penalties to ganking is a good fit for such a system.