Destiny 2 is official as Bungie posts logo tease

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Of course, Destiny 2 was already official for anybody who could read an investor call transcript. But now it’s officially official, as Bungie slipped a logo into its Twitter feed early this afternoon.

The new tease comes on the heels of last week’s convincing poster-fueled rumors that suggest a September 8th release date and summer beta, which matched up with the investor call earlier this year that pointed to a fall 2017 rollout.

PC please.

Also, the #Des2ny thing is really dumb.

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chriskovo .

Whos is going to buy this out of the gate? Didn’t everyone learn their lesion with the first one, with another disk realease after every dlc. Just wait a year and pick everything up at one price. That way you can read if the story is even worth playing too. The first one didn’t have a story for half the game.

Danny Smith

Yeah, i played all of Destiny right up to current and my reaction is still “leave it a month or two before buying if ever”. Just so much of D1 was cut from the base game to sell for overpriced ‘expansions’ because of all the mess behind the scenes that common knowledge now.

My prediction is either destiny 2 is as different to 1 as dragon age inquisition is to dragon age origins for example or its more of the same, they learnt nothing and as such it wont be worth the money till deep sale.

insert ‘i could tell you’ joke here.

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Confirmed. PC players look down upon console games.

Danny Smith

blame yahtzees fedoracore vape life ‘master race’ stuff that sends folks like total biscuit into autistic, screeching rages about “fucking console peasants!”

Wendigo Runner

They did confirm that it’s coming to PC. I’m still not going to touch it considering what happened with the first, but it’s definitely coming to PC.

They’re going to have to do a lot to win over everyone who watched what happened with this. Ripping off their artist, major content cuts (and the slop-dash story that resulted), the whole spiel.


So just the destiny logo with a giant 2 behind it?

Look out for these guys!!!


PC or don’t care.

A Dad Supreme

“Also, the #Des2ny thing is really dumb.”
Somewhere out there in the interwebs today, Mark Kern smiled as a sense of justification washed over his whole being.

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Jack Pipsam

World’s biggest “ugh”.

But of course it was going to happen, first one still does well. Doesn’t Bungie have a 10 year contract with Activision?

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Joshua Wells

Oh man, I can’t WAIT to be disappointed again! It’s going to be great.