Kickstarter celebrates 10,000 funded games projects

Kickstarter celebrates 10,000 funded games projects

Kickstarter announced last week that donors have officially backed 10,000 funded games projects.

That’s almost 2.5 million people pledging $613 million; more than half of those donors backed multiple projects. The numbers encompass all games, not just video games, but it’s still meaty, and it’s come a long way since the 2013 $100 million pledged mark.

Kickstarter’s own tracking page says there have been 121,758 successfully funded projects to date, with almost $3 billion in pledges. The success rate overall has fallen in the last five years, from 44% in 2012 to just under 36% as of today.

Statista shows the games category specifically in fifth place behind music, film and video, publishing, and art as of January. Journalism, we’d like to note, is down at the bottom in terms of success rates, making us eternally¬†grateful to our backers who helped us beat the odds.

Curious about MMOs that have been funded? Massively OP’s Make My MMO feature tracks them every weekend.

Source: Kickstarter via GIbiz

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Roger Melly

I wonder how many will make it to an official release .


10,000 funded

Maybe two not DOA or otherwise worth a shit. “Kickstarter lighting fire to money since 2009.”


And that is roughly 9,999 projects that are either in eternal Beta/Alpha limbo or are DOA failures.

Congrats, Kickstarter, on finding ways to get consumers to back failed projects that EDUCATED business analysts already kicked to the curb. A true hero to the “little guy”. ;P

Doctor Sweers

I can agree with much of what you’ve said here but I would point out that KS does give the “little guy” a shot at creating a game. I have supported a few games via KS and only one is still running (but still has not “launched”). Will I support another KS campaign? Maybe…but I’ll be much more careful with whom I toss bills at:)

Melissa McDonald

It’s always going to be a double-edged sword. Do we want “anyone can cook” (Ratatouille) or do we want only the best to make it to market?
The internet set music free. Anyone can record and distribute to the entire world, for practically nothing if they are clever enough.
The internet set writing/book publishing free. Anyone can write and publish to the entire world, for practically nothing if they are clever enough.
But what that means is that you now have 1,000,000 different titles to sift through to find the really good ones. The ones that actually deserve attention, promotion, and investment. In this deluge, they don’t always get it.
Used to be only the best were promoted and distributed and the process was hard, but reasonably fair. Talent sells, and money talks.
But dilution killed the radio star just as surely as video. And so it kills every art when you hit that point of saturation. I’m afraid we’re at that point with MMOs. Too many choices. Too little exceptionalism.

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Yay for beating the odds Massively Overpowered.


I guess the odds are still higher than the lottery.

Kickstarter Donor

A bit surprised that the campaign success only fell down by 8% in 4 years. I thought it used to have a higher success rate. Well, that’s a positive surprise in a way.

Now, obligatory: knowing how many projects amongst the 36% successful campaigns actually created something matching the initial plan would be very interesting.


A large issue is that having a “plan” is something that usually comes much later because amateur business-people rarely are capable of understanding long-term plans.