Project Gorgon adds bards, reduces group sizes

Project Gorgon adds bards, reduces group sizes

Ever wonder what use “vocabulary” and “poetry appreciation” would be in Project Gorgon? The game’s latest alpha snapshot has a good answer: barding!

Yes, Eldergame has introduced the bard skill. “Keep in mind that the bard is designed to be a support character,” the studio says. “It is definitely possible to solo with the bard, but it’s not going to be as fast as some other skills.”

And don’t log in expecting to whip up a perfect performance right away, as apparently the songs are still a work-in-progress when it comes to looping.

The update also includes smaller hunting group sizes, monster looting tweaks, archery nerfs, and rebalanced the Gazluk Keep dungeon so it’s not ridiculously overpowered and spawning left and right. Your quality-of-death has improved too:

“Tombstones now change appearance based on your Dying skill level (among other things). Low-level tombstones are smaller than the old ones; high-level tombstones are about the same size.”

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Nick Smith

Hmmm, Project Gorgon has Bards. Neverwinter Online doesn’t have Bards. I know what I’m playing tonight :)

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Tobasco da Gama

YESSSSSSSSSS. All games need Bards.


Setup my download for this last night.

Wanted to wait til go live but I think I’ll just jump back in again