World of Warcraft 7.2 Tomb of Sargeras survival guide and patch notes


Blizzard has just dropped its official survival guide and patch notes for World of Warcraft 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras, which is loading for launch tomorrowday.

Amusingly, 7.2 does not actually feature the Tomb of Sargeras, or at least it won’t tomorrow; the raid itself will open once the patch settles in, par for the course for WoW (and other Blizz properties, for that matter) nowadays. What is going live, however, is the new Broken Shore zone, the Cathedral of Eternal Night dungeon, challenge artifact skins, rebalanced legendaries, new traits, and more order hall research options, plus proper flight privileges, long a source of contention in the community.

While you wait, check out out own look at the ramifications of the patch and the content cycle, and don’t forget the survival guide tucked down below, as well as Blizzard’s ongoing sale.

Source: Patch notes

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no No NO! I just got OVER WoW in December. I was happy and was playing other games. Even convinced myself I never really liked it. Now I must fight myself… from.. logging… in… resist… Resist!!!

Giannis Papadopoulos

I refuse to pay to “fix” wow population problem in order to play it. My server is dead, even after the merges.. Blizzard should “fix” the problem of my server and low population servers, not “prompt” me to pay to fix it myself.

They wont get into TBC/WotLK sub numbers again, so they better shut down half their servers and merge even more of the rest…

Also, cross realm zones are not fixing the problem, since I cannot trade, join guild with the crz people..

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Space Captain Zor

How interesting that they discount character transfers right before flying becomes available… HINT HINT. Looking at you, broken world PVP!

Shaun Shaungbr

Also the prices are going up in April for EU and UK.