Chronicles of Elyria recaps development over the month of March

The sad loser peering across the landscape photo genre.

It’s been a busy time for Chronicles of Elyria as the development team has worked on putting together a portion of the game to show off for GDC and PAX East. If you’ve missed the recent developments, the game’s official newsletter is the place to get caught up on everything from the addition of female models into the game to the presentation offered to crowds in a Boston auditorium. (You can also catch that below the break, if you’d prefer.)

The studio is also planning a live Q&A session streamed online on March 29th, so if you’re eager to find out more about surviving in the game world you may want to tune in. (It contains more valuable information than just “don’t let your health bar empty,” presumably.) There’s also more information planned on the prologue area showed off at PAX East in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re wondering what specifically makes this dank abandoned mine more interesting.


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I’ve been keeping an eye on this game since their Kickstarter, I love everything they’re promising and I truly hope it comes out as planned.


This, Ashes of Creation, and Camelot Unchained are all games I have hopes for. It’ll be interesting to see how they all turn out.

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This and Camelot have completely stalled in my estimation. Ashes I don’t keep up with.


I know Camelot is behind where they wanted to be at this point but they still seem to be moving forward, but then I’m just going buy what they’ve posted as I don’t have access to the game.


Indeed delayed but most of it’s major systems are now in heavy development and the game is coming together faster than it has ever been. Should be a big year for them as true beta is just around the corner. Those not following the game certainly would think otherwise but it has never looked better due to the engine work being all but done.

Dro Gul

Everytime I hear this guy talk it makes me want to root against him. Did they officially postpone the game until 2019 yet?