Exclusive: Elsword previews a new hardcore solo endgame dungeon


The western version of side-scrolly hack-‘n’-slasher Elsword is about to get a long-awaited feature from the Korean version: a challenging endgame dungeon known as Add’s Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon. Oh yeah, and it’s solo-only. Oh yeah, and it’s a way for players to get some of the best weapons in the game. Solo. Did you get the solo part? It caused a combination of concerns and cheering when it released in Korea last year, but the game didn’t burn down, so it turns out that soloers aren’t ruining everything after all and it’s not actually codified in MMORPG law that all the good stuff be reserved for raiders. Who knew?

Says KOG Games,

“Add’s Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon is Elsword’s ultimate, solo, end-game dungeon experience. This dungeon is not for the faint of heart! However, this solo-only (no co-op), hardcore dungeon may be brutal, but the battle is worth it. The loot is some of the best in the game. What are you willing to sacrifice to obtain the most powerful weapon in the game?”

Check out the exclusive video below!

Source: Press release
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