Project Genom updates fans on a big dump and other behind-the-scenes progress

Behind the trash

Technical issues are preventing Project Genom from updating the test version of the game at the moment, but while the developers work on fixing those code issues, the game is still being developed. The latest newsletter from the studio shows off a number of things that the staff has been working on, including an enormous dump. The Dump dungeon is about 70% finished, and it definitely looks like a varied and interesting pile of trash for you to adventure within.

New idle animations for NPCs have also been added in, along with several new facial builds for male characters and new beard options. There’s also a preview of some of the game’s high-level armor, which features hovering plates that can reconfigure to defend the wearer. It’s not quite as good as a patch offering players access to all of this stuff, but it’s a good sign that development is still rolling forward despite patcher issues.

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Gaius Cavadus

Last patch was October 30th, 2016. Was supposed to be patched in December, then January, then Q1, and now Q2.

They haven’t managed a single patch in the five months since their lead developer quit.

I’m not hopeful.


One of those rare occasions when I wish developers weren’t so communicative…

Dug From The Earth

“an enormous dump”

pretty much sums this game up in its current state.


Offering me the opportunity to venture into someone’s huge dump is not a good way to make me want to try this game.


I used to work with a guy that would update me with his big dumps. He even took photos.