Destiny 2 reveals a trailer for its actual trailer


Are you ready to just watch a trailer without some warning? We thought not. Clearly, it’s a very important decision by Bungie to ensure that the trailer for Destiny 2 has its own trailer, so you can properly ramp up. Although we really should properly have a trailer for this trailer before the final trailer, and so on back along the line until we’re watching a half-second clip of video two months back.

Let’s start over.

There’s a trailer out now for the full trailer for Destiny 2, which is coming out tomorrow. That should contain all of the juicy announcement details we like to see, such as the platforms for the game… which many people are speculating will include the PC, so that’s a good thing. And it’s hard to complain too much about the trailer for the trailer when it contains robot Nathan Fillion and the burning Last City. Check it out below.

Source: Youtube via Kotaku
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