EVE: Valkyrie offers doubled experience for its first anniversary

What's two times zero?

Did you think that EVE: Valkyrie had been out for a whole year? Before you saw the headline, that is. Actually, perhaps you did anyway, perhaps the game is one of your favorite titles. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that its first anniversary celebration offers doubled experience for every player for each mission flown for an entire week.

The event ends on April 4th, but you should have time to fly plenty of missions between now and then. Whether it’s a welcome addition to a game you still play regularly or an excuse to dust off a VR headset and play once more will depend on your personal preferences.

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Melissa McDonald

Everyone who preorders a Galaxy S8 will get a bonus Gear VR visor with its new remote controller. The Gear VR has the mobile/lite version of Valkyrie, called GUNJACK. Check it out. VR is perfect for cockpit shooter games. It’s an amazing experience to be able to look up, down, around, and be looking around the inside of the cockpit, not just out the windows. It’s the difference between virtual Reality and virtual Flatscreen Gaming. Big difference!


Since when does EVE have XP?