Heroes of the Storm introduces Diablo II Amazon, major progression and leveling update


“It’s a whole new era for Heroes of the Storm,” Blizzard has declared in its new HOTS dev video today. That’s because the game is currently in the midst of a month-long test of a huge progression patch the studio is calling Heroes 2.0. Level caps are being nuked; your level cap will now basically be account-wide, and leveling will be much more quick across the board. Blizz is also adding loot chests out the wazoo as you level and meet certain accomplishments. It’s going to look pretty familiar to other games across the MOBA genre and in Blizzard’s own stable.

The studio has also introduced a new hero today: Cassia, the Amazon, brought over from Diablo II. The best class! In HOTS, she’ll function as a ranged assassin with high defenses while moving, flung javelins and lightning plus cone javelin stabbing. Sorry, bowazons.

Check out the pair of intro vids down below.


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Now if only in-game progression would work to feel more rewarding for individual plays. That’s the biggest thing holding the game back I think from becoming a bigger contender, is the fact that the individual isn’t as powerful and everything is a shared team effort with only EXP and objective resources being the things to focus on.


That’s what I like about the game. Not so much emphasis on glorifying people who just stand in the back and wait for their moment to steal the kills from their team mates.
Too much of that goes in MOBAS


I went to the HOTS test server and I like what I see for these changes.
Another job well done by Blizzard

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Oh snap! The Amazon. I like javelin/spear weapon types in games. She wasn’t my very favorite class in D2, but I enjoyed her a bunch.

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I’m kinda mixed…

Copying successful design between games is usually a great thing, and it can lead to some fantastic results. Be it gameplay designs or progression systems like this, there’s a lot of good to be done by looking to your other successful products.

But honestly…Blizzard has been super hit or miss on this (D3 initially copied far too much WoW design unsuccessfully, far too much D3 design has bled into WoW to the games detriment as well).

And when you copy too many elements between games, they begin to lose their unique identities and bleed together into a more generic, shapeless form.

Oh well, I’m tinkering around in hots super casually again (made the mistake of playing a quickmatch instead of vs. AI the other day…never again), and I’ll take any excuse to play a D2 Amazon while waiting for the inevitable D2 HD re-release.


That seems mildly op. Look forward to it.