RIFT’s Forged in Flame update today will treat endgamers to new content, LFR tools

MMORPG players can use some happy news today, yeah? How about this: RIFT’s Forged in Flame patch is officially live.

The core of the update is Tartaric Depths, a 10-man raid, as well as the new Life Fortress Siege dubbed Xarth’s Skull and level 70 reworks for Rise of the Phoenix and Gyel Fortress. How will you access the raid if you don’t have a giant mass of friends? Why, with the brand-new looking-for-raid tool, of course.

“Similar to Looking for Group in dungeons, the Looking for Raid (LFR) system gives players the opportunity to quickly and easily join up with others and take down epic bosses where they are rewarded with gear that will help them progress into normal raids. Players are rewarded individually through the Individual Reward System.”

Trion’s promised to talk more about the update in its weekly Stream on Friday; in the meantime, the patch launch trailer and new screenies are tucked down below. Anybody giving it a go?

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Best part about this patch is the ability to buy the latest expansion with Affinity points (as well as Credits if you’d like). Finally something worthwhile to spend mine on!


That’s actually pretty cool, wish i had waited!


Sorry Trion, you really shit the bed with this expansion, i have no plan to crawl back in any time soon.

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Well, it’s only the LFR version, so there’s really no other way to access it. We’re nearly 6 months into the expansion and there is still yet to be a progression raid (and no word on a 20 man at all), with the first coming in “more than two weeks” but “before 4.2”.

Now to see if they’ll have to disable content in this update like they’ve had to do with the expansion launch and when they finally put in Fortress Sieges, or if the extra month of time to work on the update allowed them to finally get it right. Hoping it’s the latter!


More than 2 weeks… but before 4.2. And the gap between 4.0 and 4.1 was almost that 6 months!
I’ll check it out this weekend maybe. Trion has bungled the hell out of Rift for so long now I may just decide not to check it out as easily.