Disney’s Club Penguin has sunsetted, replaced by Club Penguin Island


We’re sad to follow up on the January announcement that Disney was closing kid-centricĀ Club Penguin to say that it has indeed happened: Yesterday marked the final day of play in the almost-12-year-old MMO. That’s 4174 days, if you’re counting. “The end of an era,” Reddit has declared it.

Disney isn’t leaving its legions of young fans entirely in the lurch; it’s replacing Club Penguin with a new game on a new platform: Club Penguin Island. In fact, it’s live today.


Last night, fans piled into the game to create what’s becoming an all-too-familiar scene for MMO players — that countdown spam as people blurt their final goodbyes into chat.

All the best to players affected by the sunset.

Source: Twitter
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