EVE Online plans Blood Raider capital ships with dedicated bays for player corpses

Big time.
Perhaps the most disturbing of the pirate factions in EVE Online‘s dystopian universe is the Blood Raider Covenant, a radical Amarrian cult who drain the blood of captured citizens and literally paint their ships with it. Players can occasionally loot the blueprints for rare Blood Raider ships from PvE sites and build their own blood-splattered vessels, and this week CCP revealed details of powerful new Blood Raider capital ships that will be added to the game in an upcoming patch this May.

The new capital ships are the “Dagon” Force Auxiliary, the “Chemosh” Dreadnought, and the colossal “Molok” Titan. All three ships have special bonuses to Nosferatu modules that will let them rapidly drain the capacitor of enemy ships, and another macabre twist: Massive corpse bays that can only store the frozen corpses of your enemies (or your friends, because … well, it’s EVE). Some ships in EVE have useful specialised cargo compartments for items such as ore or fuel, but the corpse bay is just a bit of fun as corpses don’t actually serve a purpose in-game at the moment.

Corpse bays first appeared on Blood Raider ships with the introduction of the Caedes covert ops frigate and Rabisu logistics cruiser, two extremely rare ships given out only as prizes for the 14th Alliance Tournament last year. Several websites reported yesterday that the Molok is planned to have a massive 200,000m3 bay capable of storing up to 100,000 player corpses, but CCP actually reduced this to 2,000m3 several days ago. The change was likely made because no item location in EVE can actually store more than 1,000 separate unstacked items, so there would be a fundamental limit of 1,000 corpses anyway.

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